Why do companies invest in sustainability policies?

More and more companies have been committing themselves to building a better future through sustainability policies; this measure brings benefits both for the environment and for businesses

In many countries, government does not require companies to publish sustainability reports. However, many of these companies have decided to do so and reap both the environmental and business benefits. The United Nations’ Global Compact, for instance, has 9,792 participating companies that are up-to-date with their commitments. People who invested in sustainable companies in the United States had nearly twice the returns of those who invested in regular companies, according to a Harvard University survey.

Content published in September 4, 2018

What Braskem is doing about it?

Braskem is engaged with the human and environmental values that are part of the 2030 Agenda and defined measures for cooperating with the accomplishment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The direction and referral of the plan and actions of the company were presented in its Global Policy for Sustainable Development. The main contributions of Braskem for the development of the SDG can also be found in its Annual Report.

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