What is upcycling, the recycling trend?

In Brazil alone, 175,000 tons of fabric scraps are disposed of every year. Upcycling is crucial to ensure sustainability in the fashion industry

Simple actions such as digging through clothes at a thrift store or revamping that beaten shirt in your closet are significant to ensure sustainability in the fashion industry. That concept has a name: upcycling, a term coined in the 90s which has become popular lately. In Brazil alone, according to the UN, while 175 thousand tons of fabric scraps are disposed every year, the industry reuses only 15% of these. Projects such as Banco de Tecidos (Fabric Bank) and Upcycling Fashion are some solutions to establish upcycling and boost a circular economy.

Content published in July 10, 2019

What Braskem is doing about it?

Braskem sponsors the São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) since 2016. In the 46th edition of the event in São Paulo (2018), in partnership with fashion stylist Patrícia Bonaldi’s brand PatBo, Braskem ran a Fashion Challenge that brought plastic to the catwalk. Students in five São Paulo fashion schools had the task of creating a new collection expressing the fashion stylist’s identity through polypropylene. The winning project was awarded during the PatBo show in SPFW. The polypropylene, one of the plastics produced by Braskem, was chosen due to its characteristics: high durability, low weight, and resistance, in addition to being 100% recyclable and able to be dyed while dry, which reduces the need for water consumption.

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