One person generates about 2.2 pounds of waste every day, but much of it can be reused. Check out these recycling guidelines

Every day, each Brazilian citizen produces, on average, 2.2 pounds of waste. Is that too much? In Europe and in the USA, the rate is even higher: 2.86 and 4.40 pounds, respectively, of waste generated, per person, every single day. A big part of that is solid waste that can be reused. In Brazil, only 3% of solid waste is recycled, but the good news is that the rate is growing. Still, much waste with recycling potential is lost due to improper household waste disposal. Below, these recycling guidelines will help you to separate these recyclables and prepare them to become useful elements in the production chain.

Infográfico sobre coleta seletiva para reciclagem

Content published in April 9, 2019

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