Liter of Light and Alfredo Moser’s bluevision

With a simple invention using PET bottles filled with water and bleach, a global movement developed technology to provide light to more than 500,000 people all around the world

Alfredo Moser – a 67-year-old Brazilian – predicted his invention could change the world. Moser was born in Itajaí, a southern Brazilian city in the state of Santa Catarina, but it was in Uberaba, southeast of the country, that he had a brilliant idea which would change not only his life but also another 500,000 people’s lives – 12,000 of them in his own country. He noticed that, simply by filling a PET plastic bottle with water and bleach, it would be possible to bring light from an illuminated place to a dark one. This is how “Moser’s lamp” was born.

Moser’s lamp – which capacity of light is approximately 60 watts – became famous around the neighborhood (later, beyond the boundaries of Uberaba) when Brazil went through an energy crisis in the early 2000s.

The news was broadcasted internationally, finally reaching Philippine Illac Diaz’ ears. Founder and Executive Director of the NGO My Shelter Foundation, an organization which used to build houses with PET bottles, Diaz immediately realized the potential of Moser’s discovery. He proposed the inventor to bring his lamp to communities with no access to light all around the world.

My Shelter Foundation became Liter of Light and has implemented illumination solutions in over 15 countries across the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America. With an extra clarity: now the lamps use energy gathered from the sun to provide light to homes, schools, and streets even at night.

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Content published in June 24, 2019

What Braskem is doing about it?

Litter of Light reuses plastic bottles and renewable energy from the sun to provide solar lighting to communities with no access to electricity. The project is part of the current Braskem Labs Scale’s program edition, by Braskem. The platform aims to create sustainable solutions through chemicals and/or plastics with positive impacts on society in several areas, such as agribusiness, recycling, health, transportation, food, water, and energy.

Braskem Labs is one of the largest incentive platforms for sustainable entrepreneurship in Brazil, idealized and performed by Braskem. Created in 2015, it is based on three programs (Scale, Ignition, and Challenge) to motivate the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and acts in partnership with several players to accelerate businesses and startups that bring positive impact to the society and to the environment.

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Braskem also recognizes that the correct management of plastic residues post consumption is a global matter. It embraces the idea of using those materials with responsibility by reusing, reducing, or recycling them. However, every citizen and sector of society must join forces to learn practices of conscious use and sustainable life cycle of plastic.

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