Ernst Götsch’s bluevision

Get to know Götsch's story and how he created syntropic agriculture, trained thousands of farmers on the technique and transformed 5 hectares of his own land with using the method

Born in Raperswilen, in northern Switzerland, Ernst Götsch, now 70 years old, began his career working with genetic enhancement research for the Swiss Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. After years of dedication, he began questioning himself: why try to change nature and not simply adapt to it? With this in mind, Götsch started developing a new method that would become what is now known as syntropic agriculture. In Brazil, he has worked with the technique since 1984, when he bought 487 hectares of land in the small city of Piraí do Norte, Bahia. Most of his farm, named “Olhos d’Água”, became a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage. However, in 5 hectares, Götsch grows cocoa and other produce in a unique fashion that guarantees high yields respecting natural principles. Check it out.

Content published in July 31, 2018

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