We published more than 30 videos in 2018. The documentary showing Ernst Götsch’s life and work was the most popular; have a look at the other nine

The documentary on the life and work of Ernst Götsch, creator of syntropic farming, was the most viewed video from bluevision in 2018. Videos that explain the idea of sorority and what we should expect from the toilet of the future ranked close behind.

Have a look at the 10 most viewed videos from bluevision in 2018.

1. Ernst Götsch’s bluevision

Get to know Götsch’s story and how he created syntropic agriculture, trained thousands of farmers on the technique and transformed 5 hectares of his own land with using the method

2. What is reverse logistics?

In reverse logistics, product waste returns from consumer to plant: it is an initiative companies developed to lower their products’ waste impacts

3. The toilet of the future

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates wants to make the world better by reinventing our domestic toilet

4. What is sorority?

There is a movement of women joining forces around the world and you need to know why

5. Ricardo Gomes’ bluevision

Brazilian biologist and filmmaker dedicates his life to change our way to see the ocean

6. Vidigal School: a new literacy

The project designed by the institute Arte em Trânsito – Art in Transit Institute -, by the artist Vik Muniz, encourages corporal, artistic and emotional activities

7. How startups help agribusiness grow

Technology in the Brazilian agriculture market moves some US$ 3.9 billion every year – startups from the sector are growing by providing more sustainable and efficient solutions

8. Blockchain, from energy villain to hero

The technology consumes more energy than the whole Argentina, however it boosts a US$ 1 trillion market and can be disruptive to accounting and information security

9. 3D printer builds houses in 24 hours

Each house costs around US$ 4,000 and has floor area of up to 72 m2. One of these 3D printed houses is alreay in use in Austin, Texas, and whole block is scheduled to be printed in El Salvador in 2019

10. Tower transforms pollution in smog “diamonds”

The Smog Free Tower is a 7 meter tall aluminium tower that cleans the air and produces a material akin to a diamond from pollution powder

Content published in December 21, 2018

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