Smart cities, new and efficient energy models, 3D printers, mental health and circular economy were a few of the most popular topics in 2018; have a look

Throughout 2018, bluevision published over 150 stories, with long form, interviews, and graphics among the popular formats for stories on sustainable development, human development and innovation. The most popular topics were things like smart cities, alternative and clean energy models, circular economy, mental health and technology.

Have a look at our top 10 list of popular stories, reread what you have already read or catch up with the content you may have left slip by.

1. LimeBike will reward the ones committed to recharging their scooters

The electric scooters-sharing startup wants to bypass recharging problems with – paid – help of population

2. A World Water Forum is made of people: Anastasia Lavrina’s fight for peace

Water is everyone’s right, so is living in a region without armed conflict. Peace is her battle flag and journalism is her weapon, according to Anastasia

3. A World Water Forum is made of people: the youth voice of Chien-Hung Liao

At 24, Chien-Hung Liao is a representative of Taiwan’s water agency and believes education can show young people the importance of water

4. Infographic: How does the process of Mechanical Recycling work?

Learn about the operation of mechanical recycling chain, the most traditional method in the world

5. This technique turns desert sand into fertile soil

The clay nanoparticles technology changes the soil in seven hours and reduces water demand by 50%

6. How does circular economy change the way we consume?

As opposed to linear economy, circular economy is inspired by nature in that it closes the cycle, modifying products from design to use for the final consumer

7. Packaging beyond lifespan: post consumption solutions

They store, protect and preserve. Ubiquitous, packaging is designed for each type of use, but we also need to consider their disuse, reuse, disposal and recycling to keep the material chain healthy

8. What is a startup and how does it work?

Learn about the structure of startups, how they grow and receive funding, and how they differ from small businesses

9. Frontiers of Thought: “Art is a humanizing agent”, says Vik Muniz

While debating about a world at odds and a divided society, Vik Muniz and Fernanda Torres talk about art’s role and its position within this context

10. Environmental warming results in 99% female turtles in Australia

At the Raine Island Marine Sanctuary, almost all green turtles are born females and global warming is the culprit, since it affects gender proportionality in species

Content published in December 21, 2018

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