The electric scooters-sharing startup wants to bypass recharging problems with - paid – help of population

In some parts of the world, electric transportation options are gaining so much space that parallel business is springing up. In the United States, LimeBike, an electric scooter-sharing startup – the famous scooter – is offering money to anyone who commits to recharge their equipment at night.

Recharging scooters is a problem for the company. Today, LimeBike needs to not only collect the electric scooters and return them to their respective stations, but also recharge their batteries overnight. With the – paid – help of ordinary people, we hope to get around this problem. Anyone who is interested in it can make a job out of this role, by recharging scooters near and far from home.

It is not yet clear if the ‘recharging guys’ will make money or an exchange currency that can be used inside the platform, but the register is already open for anyone who wants to become a Lime-S Juice, as the company calls these people. LimeBike is available in 46 cities across the United States.

Content published in March 31, 2018

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