How nuclear energy can be good for the environment

Groups of environmentalists defend nuclear energy as an ally in the fight against global warming - get to know their reasoning

Nuclear energy has been celebrated as the energy of the future. There was a time when 16% of the world’s energy mix was made of nuclear energy. However, with nuclear waste growing as a problem and few hazardous accidents with nuclear reactors – like the one in Fukushima, Japan -, the technology has come into question. Even so, groups of environmentalists have defended the use of nuclear power as a way to reduce the impacts of global warming. A report by the World Nuclear Association (WNA) shows that, to meet the objectives set out by the Paris Agreement, participation of nuclear energy in the world’s energy mix should rise from today’s 11% to 25% by 2050. One of the enthusiasts of a new kind of nuclear energy – safer and cleaner – is Bill Gates, with his Terrapower initiative. Take a look at the video we made and learn a bit more about nuclear energy.

Content published in December 20, 2018

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