Do you know how a circular vegetable garden with hens works?

The circular garden is extremely handy for small spaces. It profits more from small areas than other methods while helping farmers. Check out the benefits of planting at home and having a vertical garden indoor

Whether in a small farm or the living room, it’s possible to have a small vegetable garden and produce food efficiently. Amongst many techniques on how to better use small areas, there’s the “circular vegetable garden”. The seeds are circularly displayed, surrounding a central region; this shape optimizes the use of water and natural light, making the farmers’ job easier. This method is even more efficient when using a chicken coop: the hens, placed in the center of the circle, eat the surplus food and produce fertilizer. In urban areas, vertical gardens can produce beautiful plants and culinary herbs, increase humidity, reduce temperature, recycle toxic gases, reduce noise pollution, and also fit in any wall.

Content published in May 2, 2019

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