Your Voice, Citizen Village, Youth Forum and Sustainability Focus Group were the innovations of the eighth edition of the World Water Forum, in Brasília

Every country that hosts the World Water Forum transforms the event. In addition to the incorporation of the online platform for debates on the theme, Your Voice, Brazil innovated by creating several other initiatives, such as Citizen Village, a space dedicated to education and entertainment activities with free admission. According to information from the organization, more than 100 thousand people were present at the space; more than half of the public was children.

Open from the 17th to 23rd, the citizen Village housed several initiatives, such as a module of the Museum of Tomorrow, which brought technological resources from Rio de Janeiro so that visitors could feel the climatic effects caused by global warming. Citizen Village also held a space program that was called, Conversation Circles, which was held daily and invited participants to discuss topics such as water management and regulation; indigenous wisdom; traditional populations and water; basin committees in Brazil; molecular structure and quality of the water we drink; lastly, the relationship between gender and water.

The Green Nation Space was another popular attraction with nine interactive facilities, which invited visitors to immerse themselves in thinking and feeling the water in different forms of use, and reflect on the importance of each.

Finally, Citizen Village hosted the Solutions Market, a space reserved for the presentation of 60 proposals selected in nine countries on good practices of water use. These are individual or collective ideas that inspire visitors to engage in the preservation of water resources in their communities.

Junior Forum

The Junior Forum was another program of the Brazilian edition, which was part of the Citizen Process of the World Water Forum. For two days, groups gathered to identify priorities and share strategic visions for the 70 international youth leaders who participated on days 17 and 18 of the world’s largest water event. As a result of the discussions, a statement was elaborated that will be included in the outcome of the Citizen Process at the end of the 8th World Water Forum.

Sustainability Focus Group

Another innovation of the 8th World Water Forum was the creation of the Sustainability Focus Group, led by the Brazilian Business Council on Sustainable Development (CEBDS) and the World Bank. This group is comprised of large companies, social organizations, French Ministry of Ecology, and Energy and Sustainable Development. For the first time in the history of the Forum, the Group aims to ensure that sustainability issues are incorporated into the processes and statements of other Forum committees. It is a cross group to the three processes – Theme, Regional and Political – and the Citizen Forum.

In addition, a document has also been created highlighting the shortage of current water resources policies to achieve the goals set for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the difficulty of raising awareness of the issue in places where peace, human rights, equity, respect, gender equality and education are not respected.

Content published in March 26, 2018

What Braskem is doing about it?

Braskem was present at the 8th World Water Forum with the launch of bluevision, a content platform that shows the transformative capacity of the human being to overcome barriers for a better future. A booth was set up in the Citizen’s Village with four tables with interactive cubes that allowed visitors to browse the site, view infographics, watch video-clips and also a documentary – everything on a touch screen.

All content was made especially for the bluevision launch at the 8th World Water Forum. At the end of the course, the citizens answered a questionnaire on “What is your bluevision?” and they got a Piipee for free. Piippe, a Brazilian solution conceived by Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, which eliminates 100% the use of water when urinating, made people to think and take responsibility for the future they desire. That’s what we call bluevision. From now on, Bluevision continues to cover issues related to sustainability, always from a human perspective.

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