A straw revolutionizes agriculture in India

Project helps guarantee fresh water supply in areas that suffer from desertification and drought. Plan is to offer the technology, called Bhungroo, to 20 million women working in agriculture in India

Biplab Ketan Paul e Trupti Jain are two Indian entrepreneurs that created an efficient and inexpensive technology to revert the dire consequences of desertification in their country. Called Bhungroo, the technology helps solve a common problem in areas with high salinity soil. In those areas, water usually evaporates before reaching groundwater levels. Without replenishing groundwater reserves during the rainy season, wells and other water sources dry up as soon as the rain stops. With a 15 cm in diameter and 100 m in length straw, the Bhungroo avoids this problem. Naireeta Services, who owns the Bhungroo, has been using the system to help create women leadership in agriculture. Their aim is to reach 20 million women in agriculture in the country and free them from extreme poverty and food insecurity.

Content published in November 6, 2018

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