The third edition of the sustainability festival in Brazilian city of Porto Alegre consisted of over 200 activities between April 6th and 8th

The third edition of the Virada Sustentável Festival in Porto Alegre held on April 6th -8th, brought almost 50 thousand people together in over 200 activities. The event’s theme was “Education and its challenges in the sustainability agenda” and it was attended by the journalist, writer and former Congressman Fernando Gabeira, who opened the seminar up at the Theater of Vale do Rio dos Sinos University (Unisinos) last Friday (6). All activities were free.

Considering education as a starting point, the Virada Festival in Porto Alegre addressed issues contained within the United Nations agenda related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) such as reducing social inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, drinking water and sanitation, peace, justice and effective institutions, and collaboration, among others.

In this edition, the event created 14 itineraries, or “Paths”, which grouped activities by specific interests: accessibility, decentralized actions, well-being and sports, cinema, literature and visual arts, circus, theater and dance, responsible consumption, ecogastronomy, education, sustainable entrepreneurship, Virada’s women, music, our waters, Virada’s kids and black voices. Each path was linked to one or more SDG. Among organizers, technical staff, proponents of activities and artists, more than two thousand people got involved with the Virada’s organization in the State Capital.

The cultural program included more than 90 attractions. In addition to that, participants found stations for collecting electronic waste, perfume bottles, cooking oil bottles and even jeans in the Recycling Bins Depots, the places that hosted the activities of the Virada Sustentável Festival.

Bluevision was at the Virada Sustentável Festival in Porto Alegre which five attendees were featured including an entrepreneur, a teacher, an environmental engineer and even the former Congressman Fernando Gabeira. See below.

The productivity of Fernando Gabeira

The profissional resilience of Camila Viana

The fight for environment education Aurici da Rosa 

Careful from birth: Luiz Zancanella Júnior

The local dream of Natália Pietzsch 

Content published in April 13, 2018

What Braskem is doing about it?

Braskem is the main sponsor of the Virada Sustentável Festival. The company believes that by stimulating the citizen’s view on small attitudes of everyday life, they will contribute a lot to the planet’s sustainability. The company provides experiences by sharing contents on sustainable development through lectures and playful activities in public parks. In addition to Porto Alegre, Braskem sponsors the Virada Sustentável Festival in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.

In Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to opening the event, which was attended by the company’s recycling director, Fabiana Quiroga, Braskem also developed an activity in Redenção Park. The company provided the #reciclesuasideias activity (#recycleyourideas, in English) and invited participants to reflect on the importance of recycling. In the structure, the participant was hoisted by a machine and had to pick up balls that represented different post-consumption materials and, then, put such balls in the correct bin and in a pre-determined time. Braskem will also take this dynamic exercise to the other cities hosting the Virada Festival in 2018.

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