The four leading dangers in the workplace

In Brazil, every 48 seconds a work-related accident occurs, and the impact of the lack of labor safety reaches 4% of the GDP. See the four leading risk factors

In the global ranking of accidents in the work environment, Brazil appears in the fourth position. An accident occurs every 48 seconds nationwide and, every 3h38, a Brazilian worker lost their life due to a safety failure – 25% of events are estimated to be reported. The impact is high. Aside from lost lives and health of millions of people, there’s also the financial loss: considering all aspects (such as legal fees and loss of productivity, among others), it totals 4% of the Brazilian GDP. Just between 2012 and 2017, the Social Security spent BRL 26 million with sick pay, retirement, pensions, and indemnities.

To bluevision, the Government Attorney’s Labor Division listed the four main risks for accident events or occupational diseases and recommended what to do to mitigate the risks. Check out the video.

Content published in May 20, 2019

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