Sandro Rodrigues’ bluevision

For the last 20 years, Sandro Rodrigues has been working, exclusively, with recycled materials. With the help of cooperatives of waste pickers he has helped change lives - beginning with his own: "art brings back people's humanity"

In a large workspace in Serra de Jairé Street, in the eastern side of São Paulo – the largest city in Brazil -, Sandro Rodrigues, 43, is busy working on breathtaking sculptures and panels, all using only recycled material. Bottle caps, power cords, casings and even old floppy disks gathered by waste pickers cooperatives are the materials he uses. Born in the outskirts of the richest city in the country, Sandro has a busy backstory. He lost his father at 5 years of age, started to work at 11 and had a difficult time fighting substance abuse. In 2004, after turning his life around, he began a waste pickers cooperative to help people facing the same hardships he had faced. “Art brings back people’s humanity. It brought mine back, and can certainly bring other people’s humanity back”. Today, Sandro is the owner of Vitalven, responsible for the Christmas decorations of one of São Paulo’s postcards, the Conjunto Nacional, in the famous Paulista Avenue.

Content published in October 24, 2018

What Braskem is doing about it?

Since 2005, Braskem uses the life cycle assessment (LCA) to better understand the aspects related to the sustainability of its value chain.  The information generated by the LCA substantiates the company’s business decisions. Also in the value chain, Braskem created the Rede Empresarial Brasileira de ACV (Brazilian LCA Business Network), a forum that gathers companies to discuss the notion of LCA and to disseminate best practices while applying the tool in the business environment.

Another Braskem initiative is the WeCycle platform, created to develop businesses and initiatives focusing on enriching plastic residues through partnerships. The goal is to bring reliability and quality to the development of products, solutions and processes involved in each link of the plastic recycling chain.

WeCycle offers good quality raw material of recycled plastic, traceability, regularity of processes, and social and environmental responsibility while acting for companies engaged with sustainable development. It’s an initiative that reinforces Braskem’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the plastic chain in Brazil. See more:

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