Ricardo Gomes’ bluevision

Brazilian biologist and filmmaker dedicates his life to change our way to see the ocean

Ricardo Gomes, marine biologist, photographer and documentary filmmaker, leads life diving into the world’s most polluted waters to show that life prevails. As a creator of the documentary Baía Urbana/Urban Bay (2017), on the Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro, Ricardo has received support from the United Nations (UN) to show his film in over 166 countries.

In this interview, we give you a glimpse of his work, family, connection with water and his
new project, the Instituto Mar Urbano/Urban Sea Institute. The Urban Sea Institute’s mission is to create video products on marine biodiversity and to explore the human connection with the sea while inspiring, raising awareness, educating, and engaging society.

Content published in March 15, 2018

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