MC Soffia’s bluevision

At only 15, the artist has millions of fans, sang at the Rio-2016 opening and addresses topics such as gender, women empowerment and black culture values. Understand her history and success

At the age of 15, Soffia Gomes da Rocha Gregório Correia already has an incredible history: she collects awards as an artist, has millions of fans and even sang at the Rio de Janeiro-2016 Olympic Games stage. As MC Soffia, she is a reference to the new generation of rappers, and dedicates her music to subjects such as gender, women empowerment and black culture values.

Since a very young age, Sofia knew she wanted to be a singer. At the age of 4, she performed improvised shows at her relatives’ places. One day, her mother took her to a hip-hop workshop, where she fell in love even more with the genre and gave her first professional steps. From then on, she performed at small festivals all over the city of São Paulo. She was then invited to perform at the city’s anniversary celebration: next, at the age of 6, her career started to soar.

Born and raised in a family of black people, she was educated to understand, respect and love her skin color. More than that, Sofia learned to think critically about racism. She also learned insights on gender at home: her mother and grandmother examples inspired the artist to debate and face sexism. The result is in her music.

Her talent put her in the company of great artists, like MC Sharylaine, the muse Elza Soares and Karol Conká (who even became her friend). Sofia shared the stage of the Maracanã Stadium with Karol during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games opening, where she sang to more than 2.5 billion people.

Learn more on MC Soffia’s history and insights in this mini-documentary.

Content published in March 27, 2019

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