How can nature-inspired technologies change the world?

What can AI, social networks, biomimicry do to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development?
Projeto de empreendedorismo sustentável. Crédito: RawPixel/Unsplash
Sustainable entrepreneurship: great for the economy and the planet

According to researches, the market is increasingly making room for sustainable products and solutions; great ideas, as well as simple measures, create resource economy and help sales

Cebolas danificadas. Crédito: Stella de Smit/Unsplash
Food recycling: find out actions to reduce food waste

1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually, whether due to failure in logistics or storage, standard issues or lack of consumer awareness; however, innovative initiatives seek solutions

Shyrlei Rosendo. Crédito: Lucas Landau
The Virada’s people: Shyrlei Rosendo's educational revolution in Maré
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Thiago Ansel. Crédito: Lucas Landau
The Virada’s people: Thiago Ansel, from Taquara to the UN
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Ana Caminha. Crédito: Lucas Landau
The Virada’s people: how Ana Caminha paved her way to sustainability
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Axel Grael. Crédito: Lucas Landau
The Virada’s people: Axel Grael's 40 Years of environmental struggle
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